Life is nothing but overcast days. One after another. From time to time the sun tries to peek through the clouds over there, no, perhaps over on the other side. But no, it does not appear. Just endless overcast days.
    Every once in a while a few small thunder clouds roll by. These are not bad storms. Just a few clouds, a little rain. Easily ignored showers, and life goes on.
    There seem to be some good things in life. Flowers in many colors, birds that soar in the sky, and many gentle animals. Without any warning the sun peeks out. All things seem so much brighter now. Oh there are still clouds in the sky. Many clouds. But there are a few rays of sunlight. The forest is still gloomy. Some parts of it are still dark as night. But the bright spots make up for it. Everything looks so different. The flowers have more color, there are more birds in the sky, and the animals seem to enjoy it so much. Life is good. The sun is in the sky, and the moon is there also. There they will always be. Everything seems so wonderful.
    Suddenly, large black thunderclouds roll in. They cover the sky. they are so thick and dark, that no hint of sunlight appears. Rain falls. It keeps falling day after day. The earth is being filled  with rain drops. So many that the flowers are starting to drown. There are no birds in the sky. No animals can be seen, for they have hidden themselves deep in the forest. Life appears to be lost.
    A small ray of sunlight peeks through the blackness. It is a small ray of sunlight, and is quickly gone. But it brings hope to the earth. It is not long before the sun peeks through again. This time there is more of it, and it stays longer. The rain finally stops. The thunderclouds don't seem as black. Slowly they roll away. The sun shines brightly.
    Amazingly, the air smells sweeter and fresher then it ever has. There are more flowers then can be counted. Their colors are more vivid. Their scent is sweeter. Many animals can be seen. Every kind
of bird can be seen in the sky, or heard singing sweetly. The earth has been cleansed and refreshed.
    The earth, and all living things on it, grows stronger now. The sun is brighter then it has ever been. It's light and warmth reaching even into the thickest, darkest part of the forest. Yes even the darkest places are warming. Starting to lighten up. Giving hope that there will be light in all places....someday!

Painting by Mistyglo.
Poem by Poca.
music: You Light Up My Life