Heart Of Stone

You lost your heart, your babe, your own,
His death has left you here alone.
This was the final blow to you,
That started back when youth was new.
Many males have come and gone,
Each one, you think, has done you wrong.
So now your heart has turned to stone,
Now you are truly all alone.
For any man that you know well,
You try to make them live in hell.
Anything that you can say,
To try to take their smile away.
It matters not who else must pay,
If they would dare get in your way.
You've destroyed two hearts and your not sad,
Perhaps you are a little mad.
Some people have been kind to you,
But you still try to make them blue.
Now to another you have flown,
When you know enough he too will groan.
Two innocent hearts still have to pay,
But your heart of stone will destroy you someday.

Written by Poca
music: Words