The Grandfather Deer
The birds are first to fly away,
Then rabbits and chipmunks are on their way,
Does look up from eating and sniff the air,
Young bucks are play fighting and just don't care.
He steps into the yard and stands,
Head up, so proud, so grand.
Young bucks stop fighting and take flight,
Trying to be the first one out of sight.
Does kick each other and jump in the air,
Trying to show him that they are so fair.
Slowly he walks toward the old apple tree,
Then stops, standing proud, he looks right at me.
He waits for my greeting, and I nod my head,
"Good seeing you Grandpa, your does have been fed."
From my window I watch him as he turns away,
While the does jump and scurry to get out of his way.
He stops not to eat, but walks out of sight,
And I know next springs fawns will be strong from this night.
I know he will not always be here, you see,
Someday one of the young bucks no longer will flee.
But for now he is King, yes King of them all,
And I hope he will greet me, when he comes back next fall.

Written by Poca
15 November, 2001
music: Desperado