From a family in dry land,
Her little chipmunk life began.
Dried weeds and seeds she would eat,
And thought her life was so complete.
She had her own house in the ground,
A house where she could not be found,
By hawks and eagles from up high,
Who try to catch her as they  fly by.
She'd heard of grass so green and sweet,
That other chipmunks loved to eat.
She saw it on the hill far away,
But in the dry weeds she would stay.
One day just outside her door,
Was something never there before.
Little blades of grass so small,
She could barely see them at all.
She didn't want to see them grow,
She was afraid of them you know.
Before she knew it they were tall,
And now she had no fear at all.
They looked so green and smelled so sweet,
So she decided she would eat.
Just one taste and she knew right away,
With this sweet grass she was meant to stay.
She heard a hawk, but did not care,
She knew the hawk would see her there.
For grass so sweet and green and tall,
She really didn't mind at all.
Her life was over, finally complete,
For she had tasted grass so sweet.

Written by Poca
music: Listen To Your Heart