She sits alone and watches,
The two she knows so well,
She loves them much but still,
To them her secrets she cannot tell.
She wants to tell the things in her heart,
But the words she cannot say,
For if she tells what is inside,
They might just turn away.
The fear of being all alone,
Is more than she can bear,
To not have them in her life,
To never see them there.,
So she sits and watches,
And keeps words in her heart,
No longer could she live ---alone,
If they were to depart.
Some things are just meant to be,
Like that giant, ancient tree.
See it stand so big and tall,
Someday it too will have to fall.
The tired buck a pack will find,
His death will feed their pups in kind.
A bird must leave the nest to fly,
To fly way up high in the sky.
In the fall the leaves will hit the ground,
And barely even make a sound.
The polar bear is always white,
We are so amazed by the great Northern Light.
The tide goes out, the tide comes in,
For this is how its always been.
When the stars come out at night, Some twinkle with a light so bright.
Spring flowers show their colors true,
The sun is bright, the sky is so blue.
Some hearts are loved and wanted so,
Some hearts....but this I wouldnt know.
All these things are meant to be,
Much love for you...but none for me.
Loving Heart
Grandfather showed her pictures one day,
Of a man that lived far away.
With all the pain he had been through,
She knew his heart held love still true.
His heart is kind and loving still,
He cares for others, and always will.
music: A Whiter Shade of Pale