Plodding through snow so deep,
That on the trails I must keep.
For so long now there has been snow,
And strong, cold winds that blow.

Just bark sustains the life I carry,
No longer is there a leaf or berry.
All bark is stripped where I can reach,
Can't get to more, the snow is to deep.

Then in the air a faint scent drifts here,
The smell of a human only means fear.
But the smell of this one is..different, instead,
It brings a faint memory into my head.

Slowly I head toward that scent one more time,
With my daughter following closely behind.
We need a safe place to eat and to rest,
If there is a good human, this one's the best.

The closer we get, the wider the trail,
Many others are there, I know without fail.
We join them now, and I start to eat,
Corn is to nourish and apples for a treat.

I swallow some corn as quick as I can,
Then lift my head, and quietly I stand.
As my hunger subsides and my fear is gone,
I relax, knowing my new fawn will be strong.

We all gather here when times are the worst,
When my fawn can eat corn, I will bring her here first.
Here I will stay through the long winters night,
'Till it's my time alone, when spring berrys are ripe.

Here all the young does will run and will play,
Here that human brings food, and then goes away.
So here in this clearing, for now, I will stay,
'Till the deep snow of winter has all gone away.

Written by Poca
music: Maiden Of The Wood