A Gift

Gifts are special,
When they are just for you,
And given by someone,
With a heart so true.

The size of the gift,
Doesn't matter at all.
It could be very large,
Or it could be very small.

What is special in the gift,
Is it was chosen with care,
By someone, just for you,
Who put his heart in there.

Perhaps it is from someone,
That you see everyday,
Or it could be from someone,
That is many miles away.

This gift, when you receive it,
On your face it puts a grin.
But the joy that it brings with it,
You feel down deep within.

Now you have something special,
That was chosen just for you,
And what makes it even better is,
You really like it too.

Yes, you have received something,
That gives your soul a lift,
Because you have received,
A very precious gift!

music: Where Do I Begin