Talking Rock

At the back of the yard,
When I was so small,
Was a forest of cedar,
So big and so tall.

We would slip through the trees,
My best friend and me,
Follow a secret path,
Only we two could see.

Then out in a clearing,
Was our special spot,
Where we two sat cross legged,
On our talking rock.

Just two little girls,
So shy and so proud,
We could sit here for hours,
Away from the crowd.

Many secrets we shared,
When we were yet small,
Of things we would do,
When we became tall.

No one could hear us,
As we'd scheme and we'd plot,
There was nothing around us,
'Cept our big talking rock.

Then our Mothers would call us,
To come home to eat,
But we knew that tomorrow,
On our rock we'd meet.

But as it always happens,
We grew up, moved away,
So I went back to see,
Our big rock on this day.

The big cedar woods,
Trees, a dozen or so,
Not quite as remembered,
From so long ago.

From the yard I can see,
To the clearing back there,
Where our Mothers had watched us,
Now that wasn't quite fair.

To the big talking rock,
I now quietly went,
Where we sat cross legged,
Where our youth had been spent.

This huge talking rock,
So big and so round,
Was a small flat topped boulder,
Barely two foot above ground.

But my mind still can see,
Two little friends there,
As they laugh, talk, and giggle,
Without worry or care.

Good memories will always,
Be here in this spot,
Of my best friend and me,
On our big talking rock

Written by Poca
music: Reminisce