When I looked outside,
What did I behold?
It's a "wonderland",
So I've been told.
But I don't like this snow,
Up past my knee,
It will still freeze,
Other parts of me.
I checked the radar,
Guess what I see,
It's snowing hard,
Way west of me.
They say light snow,
Will not appear,
I think they should,
Be standing here!
It's wet and heavy,
And hard to lift,
I don't appreciate,
This pure white gift.
I remember when,
My Mother would go,
Way down south,
To avoid the snow.
She said, "Snow hurts,
If I stay here",
I smiled and thought,
That poor old dear.
Now I start to ache,
When snow I walk through,
And it's heavy now,
On my shovel too.
I close my eyes,
And see sun and sand,
If I was there,
Wouldn't it be grand.
Then I hear a voice,
So loud and bold,
"Do you think YOU,
Are getting OLD?"
I shake my head no,
Then shovel more,
Of this "wonderland",
Just outside my door.
music: Winter Wonderland