When he was young there wasn't any,
Extra money to buy toys,
But in those days that never stopped,
Enterprising girls and boys.
He had to put his mind in gear,
To think what he should do,
And so it was that he finally,
Made checkers, just a few.
He took the handle of a broom,
And sliced it, don't you see,
Now he had checkers enough to play,
A game with you or me.
He thought it was a game for kids,
But soon he learned the truth,
It takes much skill to play this game,
It's not just for a youth.
Year after year he practiced,
And in years he counted ten,
Before those skilled in checkers,
Knew his name and called him friend.
In Iowa they have a game,
To see who is the best,
And when all was said and done,
He knew he passed the test.
He had studied and had practiced,
And gleaned tidbits along the way,
So when the challenge for the nation came,
He was ready on that day.
It takes much skill to be called,
A Master of this game,
But he had the skill it took,
And he loved it just the same.
His family and job, through out his life,
Would take most of his day,
But he still found a little time,
To sit quietly and play.
Tho fifty years have passed him by,
He still plays everyday,
Now he's the Master of the net,
And you can see him play.
Some evening if you want to learn,
The numbers thirty-two,
Just look for him and ask if he,
Will teach them all to you.
He'll tell you of the books he's read,
And the years and years of play,
Then you will know that it takes skill,
And practice every day.
Tho many titles line his wall,
That's not way he plays the game,
And you can learn the skill it takes,
If you love it just the same.
So when you play checkers on the net,
Look for Grandpa's name,
And perhaps someday with time and skill,
You'll be a Master of the game.
Or do like me and sit and watch,
The one with smiles and laughter,
As I try to learn some of the skill,
From Grandpa....the Checker Master!

The Checker Master
music: Jeopardy