The sun comes up all coral and gold,
It's wonderful beauty to behold,
Your face should wear a grateful grin,
But sad and lonely you are within.

A leaf is flapping in the breeze,
To say good morning to birds and bees,
You hear them not above your head,
For you only want to go back to bed.

The smell of a rose brought on a butterfly wing,
The sound of a church bell as it starts to ring,
A job that you wanted in a building so tall,
Yet you find no happiness in these at all.

A fish that jumps in a babbling brook,
The forest and mountains with a majestic look.
The taste of rich coffee in a china cup,
The wag on the tail of a lively pup.

The ring of the phone as your Mom calls to say,
She just wants to say have a very nice day,
You answer polite as she talks in your ear,
Not thinking what a blessing to just have her near.

A short afternoon shower gives the earth a drink,
But this is sure not what you will think,
As you step in a puddle from your mouth comes a curse,
But if it was a drought your words would be worse.

Now the air smells so clean near the end of the day,
You worked hard all this week and you earned your pay,
You can buy what you need and have extras too,
There are some that don't have all the things that you do.

Oh so many gifts are bestowed upon thee,
I don't understand why you just can not see,
All the beauty and love all around you each day,
But your sadness makes you look the other way.

A movie to watch or the grass at your feet,
For each one is such a special treat,
Please open your eyes, your mind, and your heart,
Enjoy them now before your time to depart.

Seek the good in each thing and the joy in each day,
Don't grovel in pain, let it go away,
Soon you will feel such joy deep within,
And then on your face too will be a big grin..
Grin Within
music: Magic Castle