His Sweethearts Hand
Born in a house,
That he would live in all his days,
He would farm the land,
For God said this was his way.
He grew into a fine young man,
And one day he saw a girl,
To her he gave his heart,
His head was in a whirl.
He prayed unto his God,
To turn her head his way,
And he would make her his sweetheart,
Until his dying day.
Then she looked upon him,
And slowly took his hand,
Together they would promise,
Before their God and man.
Hand in hand these sweethearts,
Began a family,
Two strong boys they would have,
And four girls sweet as can be.
While the children grew up,
He held his sweethearts hand,
For they had made a promise,
Before their God and man.
Somehow the sweet was sweeter,
The sad was not so bad,
When they had each other,
For this he was so glad.
A son was called to heaven,
Their grandchildren came to call,
He could not be a farmer,
He was feeble and might fall.
Still he smiled upon her,
As he took his sweethearts hand,
For they had made a promise,
Before their God and man.
When illness came upon him,
His years were eighty-five,
With love she looked upon him,
Was so thankful he was alive.
One day he said unto her,
Sweetheart release my hand,
I must go and I await you,
On our farm in God's own land,
She knew their love was so deep,
She would find her love once more,
Someday her love will greet her,
When she walks through heavens door.
So she let go of his fingers,
As his spirit slipped away,
But he had made a promise,
To hold his sweethearts hand again someday.
Dedicated to Mary and Vic
music: When I Fall In Love