I Just Called
When business takes me far away,
And home is where I want to stay,
I turn to something to reach home,
The user friendly telephone,
I grab my credit card with glee,
And call back where I want to be,
My fingers know just where to call,
I want to hear that sweet "yall",
A voice so lovely in my ear,
My darling's  voice to call me "Dear",
Hands start to tremble, tear on my cheek,
I find that I can hardly speak,
We talk until I have to go,
Why must I feel this longing so,
When I have done what I must do,
Then I can swiftly fly to you,
Someday you and I will never part,
Because you really have my heart,
Til then my sweet you know tis true,
I'm totally in love with you!!
music: I Just Called