Tiger Swallowtail
Early one spring I happened to fine,
Some butterfly cocoons in a straight line,
Now I decided they belonged to me,
Which made me as happy as happy could be,
I watched them each day until they became,
Big brand new butterflies and I gave each a name,
Misskwa the monarch was big bold and free,
Flew to some flowers then went up in a tree,
Then there was Gary with black spots on white,
He built-up his wings then flew clean out of sight,
Waaban was just a cute little thing,
She checked out the flowers then away she did wing,
And that's how it was as each one flew away,
Until a tiger swallowtail was born that day,
Ozawahn was lovely as lovely could be,
She sat on my shoulder and looked right at me,
My yard was her playground and alone she would play,
Until a male swallowtail came up this way,
Together they made the loveliest pair,
I guess I thought they would always be there,
Summer seemed short when he flew away,
I could almost feel her pain on that day,
Within a few days her death I lament,
I grieved for the short time her joy had been spent,
But I was reminded it's not up to me,
How long there is gladness and how much there will be,
So take hold of happiness and cherish it more,
For you never know when it will fly out the door,
Now when I see a butterfly flying this way,
I remember the cocoons that I found one spring day.

Written by Poca
Music: Precious and Few