Music is as old as man,
You can make music, anyone can.
Just sing a song or make a beat,
Music can make you shuffle your feet.
Slow and easy and make you sad,
Whirl you around and make you glad.
Soothe a baby with a lullaby,
Make someone ponder the reason why.
Call  to the spirits, chant to the dead,
Stop and listen to the music in your head.
Do you hear it in the chirp of a bird,
Or in a lovers whispered word.
When the wind blows through the trees,
The hum in a hive of bees.
Summer raindrops as they fall,
The distant sound  of a wolf call.
All music from you will not  depart,
Some music will always stay in your  heart.
             Your Heart

Your heart doesn't really belong to you,
And it will never do what you want it to.
When you try to give your heart away,
It won't leave,  it wants to stay.
So you keep it deep inside,
Wall it off and try to hide.
You think it's safely tucked within,
So on your face you wear a grin.
Without warning you see a star,
But you don't worry, it is to far.
Suddenly the star explodes in your eyes,
You feel the shock and surprise.
You realize your heart is no longer within,
It has left you and belongs to him.
It will never be with you like before,
Your heart is his forever more!
music: I Can't Help Falling In Love With You