It was a warm, sunny afternoon and Nikie was working a double shift. All the doors and windows were open, and a light breeze was wafting in. It had been quiet for a while now,
so Nikie turned on the TV and started changing channels. She came upon a garden show and smiled, remembering when she had worked in a quiet garden at this office.

     As Nikie pulled into the parking lot on this warm, sunny day, she realized the building was not open as she expected it to be. It looked closed up tight. She tried to push open the door and found it locked. A bit puzzled, she pushed the buttons on the lock in the correct order, then pushed open the door to the garage area, and stepped inside.
     Nikie realized that she was not standing in the usual empty garage, but in a sea of green plants. Hundreds of them. They seemed to be arranged by size. Tall ones way over by the far wall. The rows of plants became shorter in size toward where she was standing. They were about waist high around her.
     There was a narrow isle leading from where she stood, to the door that led to the dispatchers office. Nikie headed for the dispatchers office to find out what was going on with all the plants. She had an idea what they were, even tho she had never seen this kind of plant before.
     Once through the door to the dispatchers office, Nikie stopped again. More plants. On the sofa, the chairs, the end tables, and the floor. Even the counter was covered with plants. So many plants that Nikie could not even see the dispatcher. Again she followed the narrow isle way around behind the counter to the dispatchers desk.
     Maryann sat at the dispatchers desk drinking coffee. "Hi Nikie", she said."Hello Maryann", Nikie said, "I see we have turned into The Garden Center". Both girls laughed at Nikie's remark.
"Well it's your own fault you know", Maryann said. Nikie looked at Maryann in surprise. Then Maryann said, "Remember that call from that old farmer you took a while back? The farmer that was to old to farm and had rented out his fields?"
     Nikie remembered that call. The old farmer had rented a hundred acres to two fellas last year. They planted corn in a strange manner They left a square area unplanted in the center of the field. This year the same two fellas had rented that field, and had left a large area in the center unplanted. One day he could see some strange plants growing taller then the corn. He had called to ask if he has a right to go check on it, as he was the property  owner. Nikie had told him she would send someone right over to his house. Then she called Detective Mulls and told him about it and that she thought it could be marijuana.
     Maryann continued, "they kept that field under surveillance, and finally took those two into custody this morning. They brought all the marijuana plants here and we get to baby sit them."
     Nikie said, "I guess the evidence locker was full".  Both girls laughed. Maryann told Nikie that arrangements were being made for the disposal of the plants. Until then, the dispatchers would be working in a sea of green.
     As Maryann drank the rest of her coffee, she told Nikie what else was happening, so Nikie could take over dispatching. Then with a smile, she told Nikie to enjoy the garden, as she headed out the door.
     The afternoon and evening went smoothly. Just enough calls to keep Nikie from being bored.
But she noticed that it was strangely quiet. No officers came in for coffee, no ambulance crew came in to talk to her, no one brought her reports to file. She was the only person in this sea of green.
     Just after midnight, the chief walked into her office. Right behind him was a man in a nice three piece suit. "Hi Nikie. Meet Mr Buttercutt", the Chief said. Nikie smiled and said hello to the two men. "This is our Nikie you have heard so much about", the Chief said to Mr Buttercutt. Nikie wondered what that meant, but she didn't ask. The phone rang and she had some work to do. But while she worked, she could hear the two men talking. She guessed that Mr Buttercutt was from the Prosecuting Attorney's office. It seemed that the arrangements for disposing of the plants had been completed, and Mr Buttercutt was here to observe that all went well.
     A few minutes later Detective Mulls came in. He had the department camera and took pictures of the plants in the office. He told the Chief that everything was ready and that the off duty officers were waiting outside. Then he ask Nikie to observe as he bagged and tagged some of the smaller plants for evidence. Nikie watched him do this and then signed the witness seal.
     This completed, the Chief said they better get started. The three men left the office. Nikie was alone for over an hour. Then four off duty officers came in and started to take the plants out of the office. It didn't take long and the garden was gone. Every last leaf of it.
     It was not quite twenty minutes after the plants left the office, when the ambulance crew came in to have Nikie file some reports, and to talk to her. Shortly after that, the officers started to come in for coffee. The garden was finally gone and the office was back to normal.

          Nikie turned off the garden show. It was several years ago that this office had been turned into a garden. Nikie liked to look at garden shows, but she did not like working in a garden office. It was far to quiet!

Quiet Garden
music: Wildwood Flower