For hours he tried to put the box back together.  Some things seemed to be missing. He improvised by using things he could find around the house that would fit.  Things from his junk drawer. A piece of wire here and a paperclip there. If the hole looked like a screw would fit, that is what he put there. The wires were the most puzzling. Not knowing what they were for, or where they were supposed to go, he just hooked them together any which way they wanted to go. Finally it was together and back in the black box like it came from the store.  Well if you didn't count all the duct tape that was holding the black box together that is. 
     Now to see if it was going to work. He carefully plugged it back into the computer. Turned it on and sat to watch the screen. Red Rover was online, so he sent her a request for the web cam. She accepted it.
     It felt as if he was sitting on the black cable.  He was watching the cable rush though computer lines. Passing other computer lines like a flash. How he knew they were other computer lines he didn't know. But he knew it. He also knew he was headed for her computer. That is the only person he had listed online in his friends list.
     Suddenly he was there looking at her. She sat at her computer, looking into his eyes. Yet she didn't seem to notice he was there, on the other side of the computer screen. He was still in his chair at home, yet he was inside her computer looking at her through her screen. She was typing a message to a girlfriend.  He could read it even tho it was backwards to him.
    This was all so strange to him. So unreal. How could it be?  Had he fallen asleep and this was a dream? It had to be. Yet he knew he was awake. He knew he was not in her computer, yet he was. He was looking into her bright green eyes. How they sparkled.  Her short red hair was in little curls around her face. There were a few laugh lines by her eyes. But she didn't look as old as she said she was. Her face was round. Yes she must be plump like she said she was. But not so much that it took away from her attractiveness.
     She ended her message to her friend, sent it, and turned the computer off. When she did, the screen went black.  He could not see anything at all.  He was back in his chair, in his house, in front of his computer.
     For a good half hour he just sat there. Trying to make sense out of it. Finally he decided he  just had a nightmare. Yes it was daytime, but he  must have fallen asleep and it was just a dream. He turned his computer off and left the room.
music: The Twilight Zone