The next day Domanick sat at his computer and turned the web cam on and sent a request for Red Rover to accept.  As soon as she accepted it, he could see her sitting at her computer.  Today she was in a bathrobe and her hair was in a towel. She said she could not see him, that there was just a black square in the corner of her screen.   He told her it might need to warm up first. But that he had worked on it and hoped it would work.
     Each time they got on the computer to talk, he sent her a request for the web cam. Each time she accepted it. She could not see him, but he could see her.  He was careful not to tell her this fact. For some reason he did not think she would like that.  She was not always looking her best when she sat at the computer.  This fact would displease her he was sure.
     Then one day as they were talking about what they were going to wear to work on Valentines day. He said she should wear that red dress with the white collar.  As soon as he said it, he knew he had made a mistake. The look on her face was conformation of that fact. She looked right at that square on her screen, like she was trying to see what was in there. As she looked right into his eyes, he started to sweat. Could she see his eyes? Did she think he could see hers? For a long moment he said nothing. Then he ask her if she was still there.  She said yes. But she kept looking at that little black square.
     He was squirming in his chair. Trying to think of something to say.  Nothing came into his head.  Finally he said he had to go and would talk to her next time. They said goodbye and he turned his computer off. Perhaps he would think of something before he talked to her again.
     Three days later he sat at his computer.  He still had not thought of anything to say to her. But perhaps something would come to him when he saw her today. He turned his computer on and waited for her to show up online.  Then he sent her the request for the web cam.   This time, however, she did not accept it. She clicked "refuse" instead.
     As soon as she did, his web cam started to smoke.  It was making a hissing noise and some sparks started to come out from between the pieces of duct tape. He quickly unhooked it and dropped it into a waste basket.  He took the waste basket outside and sat it in the grass.  The smoke cleared away and he could see a big melted piece of black plastic and metal. The box had melted into a big glob. Well at least it was not sparking anymore, now that it was unhooked. He left it sitting outside and went back to his computer.
     The computer seemed alright.  There were several messages from her asking where he was, what was he doing, was he going to talk to her.  Quickly he sent an answer that he was there and to hang on a minute. She said ok.
     He sat there for a few minutes trying to understand what had happened.   Everything had been alright until she had refused the web cam.  Guess he had not done that good a job of putting it back together after all. Perhaps someday he would tell her. But not today. He went back to talking to her as if nothing had happened. 
     That was several years ago. If it was not for the big black molten piece of plastic and metal in his garage, he would have thought it was just a nightmare. He kept it as a reminder that strange things can and do happen.
    They had finally met and dated and married. He never told her about his reverse web cam.  Never told anyone. That was one thing he would always keep to himself. Besides, no one would believe it anyway. As he looked at this melted piece of plastic and metal, he wondered if there would ever be a reverse cam.  Yes, perhaps someday there would be.  Perhaps.
music: The Twilight Zone