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Front St. of Fairplay Colorado

In case you aren't sure, there really is a South Park in Colorado. You may not find it on a map because it is an Area in the central Colorado Mountains. Fairplay is the name of the town portrayed in the cartoon, which is located in South Park. This section of the site will be devoted to people and places that are featured in the animated South Park as they really exist in the REAL South Park. Many of the characters are real people that live here. Some of the people and places in this page may not be what is on the show but is what we have in our town. We can't be positive that Matt and Trey knew these people or intentionally used them, but the similarities are too profound to be coincidences.

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This show has made us sooooo famous that it is not even funny unlike the show. We have been in Magazines as the main topic in the two above Juice from Australia and the Mountain Bike from the US. Several of the local news stations have come up and talked to us. Newspapers have done their thing with us. The whole purpose of this page was to get out to all of the south park fans out there that there is a real south park in Colorado and I am the living proof of this. and thanks to all of these magazines the word is slowly getting out. The two magazines from above did the articles because they found my web site and thought it was cool. The newest interview that was done on us was a documentary called South Park Discovered. This was very well done in my opinion.

Sky One

South Park Discovered

Hello all of you people who watched the Sky one interview called South Park Discovered. I was that one kid talking about his site as if you didn't know. There were a few problems that I would like to point out. The man that thought he was Chef was one of them problems. I took a survey on the REAL people of South Park and it came up 88% thought that that the man on the interview was not Chef. Our whole town's opinion is he is Chef only in his mind. And some of the things he said were not true as well. He said that he was the first to start the South Park Merchandise business in Fairplay well he wasn't. I had my business started a whole month before he even got the idea. He also said he is nice to kids, most of the kids I have talked to have said he was mean to them and he has hated me from the first day I opened my own South Park Store. Well besides these changes the rest of the show was very, very good I think. And most of you who seen it will think that we are all crazy but we arenít.

Hello again I just got another e-mail from the man who thinks he is Chef and he says that no one cares about if he is or is not Chef. I told this to Michael Smith (A.K.A. Ned) and he showed me another way to show that he is lying. He showed me in the Juice Magazine that he even said that he was not Chef. So he did lie to all of the nice people in England. This quote this from the juice Magazine. "As one of the few black men in town he is often mistaken for Chef. "there was a gentleman in this town who was chef," says Kelvin Washington, thereby radically reducing his sex appeal. "He had a restaurant here in town. I don't remember what it is called. It was before me." And that right there said it all that he is lying just to get the attention.

If you still don't believe there is a REAL South Park click on the link to the South Park Chamber Web Page witch I also built and up date.  
South Park Chamber Of Commerce Web Page

Reverend Michael Smith

The next person that we will introduce you to is Reverend Michael Smith. Michael is are version of Ned He went to Nam and came back in one peace unlike the Ned of the show who has his arm blown off and has to use a cancer kazoo from smoking too much. Michael does not smoke now but did a little in Nam and he does have his arms too. Michael use to wear a headband like Ned and still wears tinted glasses wherever he goes. Michael does some hunting and has a weapon collection just like the character Ned, but Michael does not go out and kill things for the fun of it.

Bill Hand

Another one of those fun Loving animal killing friends is Jimbo. Are version of Jimbo would be a man in town by the name of Bill Hand. He is a man who likes to go hunting and he also likes to fish a lot too. Where Jimbo and Ned on the how are never apart Bill and Michael don't do any thing to gather and are not the best of friends. There is not much more to say about Bill and I will leave it at that.

Officer Rick Clark

Are next person that we will do is Officer Rick Clark. This is our town police Chief of Fairplay. He is a very good police chief unlike his counter park Officer Barbrady. He is very smart and can read unlike Barbrady. Rick has been the police for a while and has been doing a great job and we hope to keep him here as long as we can. Rick has not had to deal with people making love to chickens or people coming up missing from a fish. He also does not try to hide the truth about things that go one in this town unlike Barbrady's fraise "Ok people, move along there is nothing to see here. "Like Bonnie Rick too has had a good attitude about all of the publicity that he is getting over the show.

Mary Joe Eggloff

Hello everyone out there I would like to introduce you to our version of Miss. Crabtree. This is Mary Joe Eggloff she has been the school bus driver for so many years now and has retired. She was my bus driver when I was 5 years old. And like the character she yelled at us all the time to get us to be quit but we disserved it. She would yell but not to the stupid point like Crabtree does on the show. She has a husband and two kids who are out of collage. She was a good bus driver and I wish we still had her as one too.

Steve Rzepka

Here is another one of our town characters. Steve Rzepka he is our school counselor. He is not the Mackey of the show because Trey said that Mackey was from his old school and his name was Lackey. Steve is also my drivers Ed teacher so her may almost fit the description of Garrison but probably not. If you look and the picture of Steve and Garrison you can see a similarity between the two. Steve is also not gay too like Garrison. He is one of the coolest teachers in the whole South Park High School.

Mary Burns

Here is another person in are town that is the role of the character but not the one on the show, and the reason we know this is she doesn't have a still birth fetus on her head. This is Mary Burns are elementary and high school nurse. She is nice like the Nurse Gulum on the show. She has been working for the school as the health clerk for a seven years now. She has to put up with all of the kids who don't want to go to class and want to go home.

Silver Heels Clinic

Hello I have ran out of people to go to for right now so I went to all of the places in South Park and got them. The first one is the town clinic or as we call Silver Heels Clinic. This is not as small as the one portrayed on the show. This is were you go for minor things like shots or cuts but if it is major they ship you over Hoosier pass to the hospitals over there. This place has only showed up once in the show may be it will come up so more times.

Silver Heels Mountain

This is our mountain that over looks Fairplay. This is the tallest mountain around the area. In the show Jimbo and the Ned went on a camping trip with the boys. The mountain turned out to be a volcano. This is not the fact in real life.


Edith Teeter Elementary

This is the school for the little kids of South Park. But it has been added on many times. I got this picture before the started the construction of the new building. It looks a little like the one on the show and it won't go anywhere fast. I have gone to this school my whole elementary years from grades 1st-6th.

Fairplay Town Hall

This building has sat across from my house for many, many years. It is the town hall of Fairplay. It does not look like the one on the show. This is one of those things that serve's as it is in real life but not on the show.

Park Bar

This is our local bar. It has been around longer then I have been here. It is a place where all of the people of town go to drink. It has a similar look to the one on the show. It has great food and lots to do (for this town)



As you can see the pictures of the town looks nothing a like so once again this is a case where it serves our purpose but not on the show.


Even in the End Sporting Goods

This is one of the places in town to go get a gun if need be. It looks like the one on the show. Jimbo does not own it. This place sells lots of good sporting goods to all of the people around here.


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