June 14: Our first real show rocked!  It was great, and not only that, but we had a great time with Captain Supreme!  It was a pleasure playing with them, and we hope we can play with them again soon!  We played 8 covers and then Cole, Dane, and the rest of the audience convinced me to play Wait For You, our first original song.  We have pictures from the show up on Page 3!
June 17:  This afternoon Cole, Chris and I all got together and started working on more original songs.  We got most of one done, and it's sounding great.  A little horn and lyrics work, some drums, and we'll be set!  We'll keep you posted!
June 19th:  This afternoon again, Chris, Cole, and I got together.  Song writing is going well, we started a few more today.  We are hard at work trying to bring you the best music possible!  Hopefully, we'll be recording by August or September, so hang in there.  Also, we hope to have some more shows this Summer, and if you've got a gig for us, LET US KNOW!
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June 21:  New pics up from our show at Will's!  There's lots of them, so go check them out on the 4th picture page!  Some good quality stuff! 
June 22:  We played another private little show for Will's big family today, outside in the sun.  It was pretty good, aside from some mishaps like forgetting to turn my mic on and then stepping on my guitar cord and unplugging it.  We're also trying out for the Tribute Festival on sunday, so we'll keep you posted on how that goes!
June 23:  Just a little update today.  I was bored and I recorded myself playing Cailin, so I thought I'd put it up.  We're hoping to get some mp3's of all of us playing soon, but for now this is all I've got!  Check it out on the song page!  We practiced again tonight, and our new song is sounding pretty good!  Still needs some tweaking, but we're working hard!
June 30:  Boy have we been busy!  We've been practicing for 2 hours almost every night for the past week, all in preparation for the Tribute Fest auditions.  They happened yesterday, and we did a good job.  Unfortunately, we were not chosen to perform.  Oh well, at least we tried.  We'll be practicing a lot this week to, in order to prepare for the 4th of July.  If anyone wants details on how to see us on the 4th, just get ahold of me, and I'll try to give you the details.  On another note, captions have been added to the 3rd and 4th picture page, so go check 'em out.  Funny stuff!
July 3:  We got together tonight and rehearsed for our show tomorrow, using the PA system we rented.  It sounds great.  I wish we owned it.  By the way, if anyone wants to come see us tomorrow (the 4th), let me know and I'll get you directions.  One of us is usually online, so go to the contact page!  Someone should be videotaping the show tomorrow, so we might actually have some mp3s up by next week!  Also, we really need money, and we wanna play shows!  If you or anyone you know is having a party, let someone know!  We'll play for cheap!  And we'll shower before we come over, we promise! 
July 5:  Hooray for making money!  SpringLoaded made it's first $150 last night at our 4th of July Bash.  Hopefully this money will go towards buying the PA system we rented for last night.  The show was great, everyone was having fun.  We had someone taping, but they didn't do a very good job, so I don't know how long it will be before we get sounds up.  But I may be able to get a video up of "The Amazing Flying Drumstick."  It's quite hilarious.
July 19:  Wow, its been a long time since I've updated.  Well, in the past few weeks, we bought a PA, saw Wakefield, Zebrahead, and Reel Big Fish (awesome!), and practiced a lot!  We've got a few new songs coming your way, so hold tight my friends!  Hopefully soon we'll stop being lazy and try to get someone to record us playing so we can get some (low quality) clips up.  We're trying our best here people!  Sorry about the lack of news, but maybe things will pick up soon.  We want shows!  So have a party and let us play at it!
July 23: Well, the transfer to the new style of the site is finally done!  How do oyu like the new logo?  I think its quite spiff-tacular, but thats because I made it ;-).  I'll be getting Flash soon, and I'll start working on an even more spiff-tacular intro to the site.  On a band note, Cole and Josh are away at Eastern college, so the band is kind of stuck, and I'm leaving for New Mexico on the 30th and I wont be back untill the 12th, so don't expect too many more updates for a while.  Sorry!
July 25:  WOOHOO!!!  We've got MP3s!!  Check them out on the songs page!  Sorry they aren't the best quality, but it should be able to hold you over till we get some better ones!
July 27: Sorry some people have had problems with the site, ITS ALL THE MP3'S FAULT!  So I took them down.  Don't worry, you weren't missing anything special.  If we get some good ones, maybe we'll put them back up.  Sorry!
August 14th:  Well its been quite a while since I've updated, but I was on vacation, and it was fun.  So yesterday we played a show at a suprise party, and it rocked.  WE had a lot of fun, thanks for having us.  Josh even wrote a little 30 second song that kicks so much butt that we're gonna make it a real song.  Hopefully we'll have an mp3 soon.  Oh and popular to contrary belief, trashing our cars is not an acceptable payment for us playing a show for you.  Money or food or other such things are.  Giving us hours of cleaning to do is not.
August 18:  Hey everyone!  I've got a few fairly big things to tell you all about today.  First off, I'd like to welcome the latest addition to our crew, our second guitarist, Adam Hagar.  I have a feeling you'll all like the diresction the music will be going in with the addition of a second guitar.  Secondly, I'd like to ask the help of all our fans and friends.  I'm starting a contest to help out the band.  We want to get some t-shirts made, but we aren't sure what to make them look like.  So we're asking for people to help us out and design a shirt!  Head on over the the Contest page and check out the specific rules.  I'm leaving again today for a final vacation, and after I get back, school starts.  Once we get started with school, we're gonna start cranking out songs like no other.  We already have lots of ideas, its just a matter of putting them all together now.
September 10: Man, I haven't updated in a very long time.  Since the last update, school has started, and we've played a few shows, at Will's house.  It's starting to get old!  We need other places to play, and YOU are the main people who can get us shows.  So start having partys and stuff, you boring people!  We've got another song written, and we're working on more!  You can check out the lyrics on the song page.  I've also noticed that no one has sent in any shirt ideas...  It's a contest people!  Don't you want to win?!  Go to the contest page, and use that big, creative brain!  We also have a few new pics up from a fairly recent show, so check those out too!  Also, if anyone knows of somewhere that we can get free webspace to put up some mp3s, please let us know, cuz we'd record them if we had space to put em up!  So I leave you with 2 urgent requests!  Help us get shows, and send in shirt ideas!  If you can help with any of that, E-MAIL me!  Oh, and sign the guestbook too, even if you already have, it makes us feel special! 
November 1st:  Well, it certainly has been a long time since I've updated.  Unfortunately, there isn't much news on the SL front, haven't practiced too much, we've all been very busy with school and other things.  Haven't had any shows either, so help us out if you can!  On a good note, we have a new addition to our equipment, a REAL microphone!  Not a junky karaoke machine piece of junk, but a real Sure microphone.  We feel special. At leas I do, I dunno aobut the rest of 'em.  On another good note, our quest to record is nearing its second step, all we need is about 20 more dollars.  We've got a lot of money in the guitar case laying in WIll's basement.  At least I hope we STILL do, no one better have taken it.  As soon as we get the money, we'll be rushing you mp3's of our originals like no ones buisness.  I know we've been saying this for a while, but we're finally actually getting there.  We're also working on more originals, including ones about old people, bananas, and of course, girls.  Once again, if anyone has any ideas for the band or site, please e-mail me, especially if you have a party we can play at, or somewhere thats looking for bands to play.  Note:  Matt L, you were never part of the band.  So go play with your goth 12 year old friends. 
April 10th:  Holy NightClub, Batman!  We did it!  We got chosen to play at the Cary Grove Nightclub, April 16th and 17th.  We will be playing Sell Out, and many other bands/musical acts will be present too.  Its bound to be a great show, so come check it out!  Sorry for the lack of updates, but the band had kind of been on a break because of musical, but hopefully we'll get back on track now!  We're all very excited about Nightclub, and we hope you come see us!  As always, let one of us know if you have somewhere for us to play!
June 20th:  Well, summer has been nice so far. NightClub was a blast, thanks for coming to see us!  We've got a lot of free time and we're gonna write YOU some songs!  Crabs is gonna help too.  Do you wanna hear us play them?  Have a PARTY!  We'll come play!  We like doing it!  Keep in touch, and we'll be rockin your socks off in no time!
June 24th: Woo! A show!  Fourth of July, Ben's house.  We'll probably get the rocking started around 5:30 or 6, so let me know if you wanna come! It's gonna be great!  We'll have acouple new songs, and hopefully a new original that kicks a metric buttload of butt.