An Ex Heroin User Has Assured Me< That Judge Brisco Is Most likely A Heroin Addict, Which Is Why On 1stNEEDLESCADRUGS.html
of this website, he appeared younger than his Elder years. / I moved to Needles, Ca., in 1999. My first introduction to the judge was a photo in the "The Needles Desert Star" newspaper that showed him relinguishing his President of the Needles Rotary to Captain John Trumbull of the Needles/ San Bernardino Sheriff dept. (A local woman, mother of two local sheriff deputies told me, "Captain Trumbull is very nearly never in the Needles, Ca. area, as commandant, because he travels all over the state of California."). In the meantime, I wrote BNSF the major railroad corporation in Needles, to their Fort Worth, Texas headquarters, asking for a grant for the historical El Garces rr depot being rennovated. They sent a grant application, which I gave to the museum an the Needles Chamber of commerce.  Sue G., the director of the COC gave it to the wife of Judge Brisco to complete and return. She never did. (Or they did and didnt want to award me a finders fee.) Once I saw Judge Brisco in the local supermarket aisles and I introduced myself as "the local radical," and he said "How do you do?"--what attracted my attention, to him, was that he was shuffling down the aisle in an awkward manner, but on another occasion, I saw him in formal clothing stride across the court house law, so tall, I asked "If he was a lawyer." He replied, "Used To Be." It took me awhile to connect that with the first encounter. He is using drugs. But our system treats his kind as monarch, NOT drug testing him. Jerry E. Barta. (When I left Needles, Ca., in a matter of hours, after JUdge briScO PROVED he was part of the government, city and county, criminal activities in Needles, Ca. RIGHT BEFORE MY COURT TIME, I sat in a foyer along with an ex city councilperson, Ruth Lopez, who reviewed the false charges, Bravo, the druglord, had used in unlawful detainer towards my eviction. She correctly said his lease, used by the judge to evict me was clearly bogus. (In it, he states that I have to keep the landscaping trimmed, perhaps, I should send him a bill for services rendered.) WHAT JUDGE JERKdidnt know, was the lease was a convience by Bravo to get a deposit check of $300.00 from the Dept. of Social Services. I merely assumed Bravo, would require from then on, leases, but apparently, drug addiction  is his only rental requirement.) Thus the judge used this bit of whimsey to evict me, because Bravo's charges were ridiculous and unprovable, if not libeling. Have I libeled the judge?, HE HAS LIBELED THE BILL OR RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTION! (While in that foyer, came in, Jim Morris, Bravos worker Meth maker, listening, then he left, no doubt, alerting the judge to use only the lease scam to evict me.) Later, two sheriff deputies were in attendance at the court, the infamous Officer Weart who defended Morris and his illegalities, and a red haired one, who reached affectionately out to grasp Bravos hands, greeting him into the court. (This man was also witnessed by me in 1999, going into tenant Hal Deckarts cabin, one night, no doubt in a drug conference.) I now know this officer, the son of Mrs. Demarious Carter-Zio(This last part has in the meantime left her, taking, it is reported her wealth with him), who fooled me, while there, I thought she was wanting to clean up the city corruption, instead, she swam in it. THE WHOLE COURT PROCEDURE WAS A GIANT JOKE AGAINST DEMOCRACY< FREE SPEECH AND JUDICIAL INTEGRITY.
Osama bin Laden would be proud, Needles, Ca. is a criminal conspiracy in all regards!  J.B. 7/20/02
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