Poetry from the Heart, by Christina
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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the incredible ongoing growth of this site, I have opened up a new site which is sister to this site but will now be my main poetry site. This one will no longer be updated with any new works, as they will all feature on my new website "Poetic Diary".

Please ENTER my new poetry website....''Poetic Diary''....
my "Poetic Diary"

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Come with me and journey into
the world in which I share
Of poetry and inspiration,
of faith and hope and care....

See my LightHearted stories
to make you laugh and smile
Or my poetry so powerful
that makes your stay worthwhile....

The Inspirational thoughts and words
that give you hope to see
And my new page on Domestic abuse
gives the power to be free....

So I take this moment to welcome you
please take the time to start
Your journey into my world,
"Poetry from the Heart".

6th October, 2000

Come and journey into my world of poetry....


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