Welcome to the purgatory between my imagination and reality. Where John Carpenters
Vampires live and Gone With the Wind is not just a book, but a place to escape for romantic tribulations! This is my own little place where the sky is always starting that beautiful sunset and the bugs never bite, unless you bite them first! If you get bored in this realm just dabble with Dante about his Inferno or ramble with Ray about the October Country!
     If you get really hungry ask Alexander about his
Musketeers or chatter with Charlie on the poorness of ol' Oliver Twist.
     Enough with the legacy of literature and on with my thoughts! To know me you would have to take
Frankenstein swirl him with Bugs Bunny, dip that into Hamlet's tragical emotions and wrap all that with the Tell Tale Heart's veins!
      I am one of those people who loves to read and write then conspire... I hardly ever think inside the box it is far to crowded and sadly overrated! Never think of me as normal for I resent that comment to a pitiful degree! I prefer something more along the lines of
weird or odd. Let me ask you this if I do not have you thinking yet; What is normal, but being the same and in so doing how can you tell youself from your enemy or your bestfriend? To be different means to recognize your natural common demonators and eliminate them by doing or becomeing the unnatural! All I'm trien to say is ,"Be yourself".
Why look with one's eyes, while he can see much clearer and further with his mind?
Okay, it has been a while, but I have decided to give an update. All I have done really is updated the poetry page, but that is stil an update right?
Thank you for visiting.
                    - Dustyn
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