Cupids Diary: A Poetic Injustice
Thought Pieces
My name is Fred, and I want to say thanks for coming to my site. I hope you enjoy it. This page is mainly a place for me to post all my writtings, so you will find a large variety of writtings here, from... erotica to poetry, and even short stories. The page you are looking at now, is the main page, and will only show features, it will also link you over to everything else.
The feature piece, is my most recent work, and info on upcoming things as well it will contain the feature guest.
The pictures which you see, I found inspiring, but more importantly they are the link to each group of writtings.
I give much praise, to this sight is...
My site is still very much in the begining process, so keep an eye open on this site, for their are many pieces missing, but they will soon be filled.
I hope you enjoy this site, and come back often But before you go, be sure to write me, via the guest book, I look forward to hearing from you, your thoughts and opinions are valued greatly.
Thanks again.

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