Hi, Thanks for stopping by
Hi, Thanks for stopping by
So this is a new index page for a site I started 6 years ago and hadn't updated in quite a while, guess it's way overdue. I need to make links to my other pages and get all of them updated also. Life kind of has a habit of getting in the way, and it did, but that's ok. I love my life and I've been living it, dealing with a few knocks along the way, but mainly being blessed with family, friends and knowing I am loved.
This was me on a barge on the canal in Amsterdam in 1999
Some of my other sites:
My AVON page - go here to buy or sell AVON
Veriuni eco-friendly products
Rose's Power Mall - you can get cash back for shopping at 100's of online stores
My SFI business website - a home business you can start for FREE.
My Info:
Name: Rose Dempsey
Email: iluvnubians831@aol