“Happy Holidays”

To all of you my dear, dear friends,
On this most joyous of holiday,
I wish you happiness that never ends,
May your dreams come true in every way,

I wish you love that lasts a lifetime,
From all who know you love them too,
And in your heart may you feel sublime,
As you’re loved ones gather around you,

May your memories be filled with joy,
And of the days you remember best,
From when you were a little girl or boy,
And the world did not weigh on your chest,

I wish you the best of everything,
With all that you desire,
That which makes your heart sing,
The things you long to acquire,

But most of all I wish you life,
In this the coming year,
That you set aside all your strife,
To fill your heart with cheer,

A Merry Christmas in O two,
& Happy New Year’s for O three,
I love you all this is true,
Happy holidays to you! From me!

Author: K Ball