ďAn AuthorĒ

I am, a self-proclaimed author of poetic art,
And on the Internet I have displayed my heart,
By poetic form I express my emotion,
Scattered amongst a million others in this ocean,
My very soul is here in poetic form,
Nothing new or out of the norm,
Yet all my feelings are displayed upon there,
My love, my joy, my anger, & despair,
In there you shall take a roller coaster ride,
Of emotions that I will not hide,
If they have hurt me you will find their name,
If I have loved them you shall find the same,
My poetry is meant to make you feel,
All the emotions that once were real,
And as you travel this poetic road,
May these words Iíve written help lighten your load,
I am a writer of poetic thought,
What Iíve written may hit the spot,
But these words are my view of what is the past,
And if you disagree you can kiss my ass.

Once again, I am an author of poetic art,
And in my words, are displayed my heart.

Author: K Ball