ďHappy Fathers DayĒ

Well, As I can recall back in my mind,
I was forced to respect a man who was unkind,
every year on this date I will have you see,
my mother would always make me,
I would get him gifts and write a card,
but the simple thing can be so hard,
how do you tell him you love him so,
when fear and hatred is all you know,
A fathers day gift to this man you fear,
and the card you write out every year,
Filled with words of love and glee,
to a man who had no love for me,
Iím an adult now and we never talk any more,
our final words were when he kicked me out the door,
I was a sixteen year old boy kicked out and alone,
Iím now thirty six years old with kids of my own,
If there is anything I could say of what my dad taught,
it would be how to be everything he is not,
A promise I made to myself as a lad,
Be everything heís not, donít be like my dad,
But to give my babies love, and honor their lives,
Teach them good things and help them to strive,
that they may shoot for the stars and can be,
anything that their hearts desireís may see,
Iíve done the best that I could do,
been loving, kind, and a disciplinarian to,
All I can hope is Iíve done my job well,
So I donít earn a spot next to my dad....

Author: K Ball