Matters of the Heart, Mind, and Soul
Matters of the Heart, Mind,
and Soul
The feeling of letting go... For a period of time years, I lived life in secrecy, and writing was the only way I managed to communicate the matters of the mind.  It was a form of liberation since I failed to release genuine thoughts lurking  in my convoluted mind through other methods.  I believed or made myself believe that my writings were the only sources that understood me, who I was, and what I was really about.  Since that day, I opened  up my heart and mind to those who love me unconditionally, I deceivingly felt that there was no longer a need to write, since talking out my thoughts was an able option.  I now realize, however, that poetry is not soley for communication with the self, but also, a way of communicating with others.

So I dedicate this collection to my family, who has sided me through unbearable hardships, my friends who kept and still keep it real with or without those rainy days, and my life, saved by these beautiful people.  I would also like to dedicate this compilation to everyone out there who appreciates sincere and genuine matters of the heart, mind, and soul. 

I thank you for taking the time to be here.

Karine S. Skidmore

The Eye
- Graphic by Karine Sayegh