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"Tango Flamenco"
Instrumental by the Gipsy Kings
"Tango Flamenco." By the Gipsy Kings. Now why this song?My Mood!!!! Flamenco music by guitar is passionate and strong,please enjoy the passionate graphics, music, and my special poem.
"Night Of Romance"
From The Poetry Collection Of Susan Jane kahon
You make my heart want to get up and dance
The temperature's set for a night of romance
The aroma's in the air, the mood is right
As I kiss you now, and hold you so tight...

So much of you..the excitement is high
You turn me on, and you don't have to try...
The rhythm grows fast, you are so wanted
I'll take the chance, for my passion's undaunted..

Just when I think that this feeling is wrong..
My body keeps wanting to replay this song..
Don't get me wrong, I'm not in distress..
I just want you to feel, my loving caress..

Our bodies entangled, with soft little quivers
Sweat pouring down, making sweet little rivers..
Holding you close, in your sweet, sacred place
I watch the hot tears roll down your face...

Thoughts of you and I being together
It makes me so warm;this wanting's forever..
Oh Lord, let the world go on turning tonight..
We'll just stay suspended, in our lover's flight

Knowing now, that we have this desire
Makes my body want to take you longer and higher
I'm lost in your arms, cresting is certain
Cloaked in the darkness of night's gentle curtain

My darling, you give me all of your trust
You give your love freely, all just for us..
Yet I'm not knowing, where this road will go..
Darling,please tell me, will you claim my soul?

written by Susan Jane Kahon
December 29 2002
Susan's Poetry In
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