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"I Can't Stop Loving You"
Sung By Roy Orbison
Susan's Poetry In
"My Search For You"
" I Can't Stop Loving You" sung by Roy Orbison. Please just sit back and enjoy his rich, mellow voice on this song, and enjoy the graphics and the original poem. Thank you
From The Poetry collection Of Susan J. Kahon
I'm my search for you..across the nightime sky
Please wait for me, until you see me passing by...
My body filled with peace..yet searching, wide and far..
Looking for my darling, in every midnight star...

Across the earth I heart explores..
Looking for a place to land, and my spirit soars
For I have this exquisite longing, deep inside
That alone...will carry me, along my lonely ride

My heart is so aware, that I must find you now
All that is within me , makes me want to follow
Every scent of you, until I find your heart..
I'm tired of this aching..., whenever we're apart..

I asked God for guidance, and he gave me wings
To fly across the patterned earth, my love ..a gift, to bring..
You say you need evidence of my physicality...
It will soon be revealed in your own reality...

So I fill your heart with comfort, dear..
For soon my presence will be near
You know Your soul and heart's aware...

Each beat is joined, in blended prayer

Holding on forever, to the essence of your soul..
Knowing I will find you, each day it does console..
For you are my total love, my everything..
I'm captured by your love,as I fly on golden wing

written by Susan Jane Kahon
January 12 2003
(cause I couldn't sleep)

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