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"I Fell In Love Again Last Night"
Tender Love Songs
Sung by Paul Overstreet
My poem is about dreams and what they do, and how love can change our dreams into reality.
Passage Of Dreams
From the poetry collection of Susan Jane Kahon
It's never dark
When You are my personal guide
Everything's illuminated
When you put your light inside

This passage of love
That makes magic from moonbeams
Is only because of you
You're my personal set of dreams

I'm not in the shadows
I'm here in this night divine
I'm just hiding in this darkness
Waiting for my time to shine

So love me with calmness
Take my hand..lead me to rest
Lay down close beside me
ANd let our love be blessed

On my journey to love
I fall in love with you each night
You enter into my love
And each time it's pure delight

My adventures at midnight
Call upon the stars to guide me
So come with me this evening
And put the glow of love inside me

My eyes will follow heaven's path
As I watch the stream of shooting stars
Knowing that each passing dream
Will show me where you are

I Love you

Written By Susan Jane Kahon
July 28
2002 10:47am

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