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"Angel Of Mine, Known Only To Few"
From the poetry collection of Susan Jane Kahon
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This is an Elvis Presley song,called "Angel".Fer Graafland does a beautiful job on this one. He is from Rotterdam, Holland
Fer and Wendy
My poem is about Angelic love,peaceful love..a love thats comfortable and spiritual and kind
A special thanks to Sue for helping me through many things at this time
Dream love, object of my affection
My sweet love, in you I see my reflection
You're pulling me softly closer to you
Angel of mine,known only to few

I have watched you, in these summer days
My eyes staring at you ,with a steady gaze
And  then it is, my tears must start
For I contain all this love deep in my heart

So strong of mind,yet soft inside
In you,my heart and soul does abide
The good in you, it's all in your smile
So, angel love..please stay awhile

The good Lord brought you down to me
To enjoy your beauty as a symphony
There's a song in all the stillness now
For my angel, It's a treasured vow

You remind me of a wondrous child
Loving bold and free in your own special style
My slumbered evenings may recall
That you are the greatest love of them all

I wish the days were a little bit longer
And my will to love a whole lot stronger
And if you, my angel captured me at all
It's because I answered your lonely call

I wish my heart would soon discover
How to tell the world that you are my lover
Angel..fair..You're still the same
Resting in my heart's warm domain

As we love away these days together
Hoping for happiness lasting forever
I still hold dear,crystal dreams of you
For we have so much more loving left to do

Written by Susan Jane Kahon
August 3 2002

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