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"I Love You So Much It Hurts Me"
Susan's Poetry In
Sung By John Prine
This is absolutely beautiful..This version sung by country folk artist and guitarist John Prine.Please, enjoy this wonderful song "I Love You So Much It Hurts Me"
Image is by Sinamin.Copyrighted works of Sinamin, used with permission.
"Reflections of Love"
From The Poetry Collection Of Susan Jane Kahon
You made me love you
And you've unlocked the key
To my heart, and threatened my security
You have opened up the door'to let me love again
You've made me so much more
Than just your friend

I react with sighs of contentment in my heart
And I know this is just the beginning, and the start
Of life for me, and it's been worth the wait
So when the time is right,I will not hesitate

And when the passage of time stands still for us
And we're wrapped up in each other's loving arms
We know we cannot forget
The fulfillment that we've had
From early dawn to full sunset

Moments spent talking about the little things
We've shared
And how your eyes lit up at the thought of our affair
Whispering promises in the dark of night
And watching some of our dreams take early flight

Then, dreams, like ocean's waves
Come pounding back to claim
Our hearts once more and we are not ashamed
To say those words, forever new
Those precious words.."My Darling..I Love you"

The holding of our hands, miles apart
Becoming one with the ghosts that fill the dark
We watch the spirits float, and drift away in mist
Our lives were changed with just one lover's kiss

I've had my moments of quiet, deep despair
When I felt locked up and no one else was there
I found a love to truly find and take me home
For without your love..I truly am alone

written by Susan Jane Kahon
October 10 2002
5:18 pm

Floaters and Scrolling Bars courtesy of Sue Kelley
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