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"I Know You By Heart"
Sung By Eva Cassidy
Susan's Poetry In
"I know You By Heart" is sung by Eva Cassidy.Eva is no longer with us, but this little songbird was discovered by a friend on Napster..Who passed her music along to me. Albums are now coming out with songs she had recorded when she was alive.This song is exceptionally emotional and beautiful.
"I Miss You And You're Not Even Gone"
From The Poetry Collection of Susan Jane Kahon
I believe in love,that can withstand it all
For I knew you a long time ago...
I wanted a love that would never fall
I knew you so well in my soul....

I want to believe, that somewhere out there
Is a love that's connected and sweet
I will always believe in that kind of love
For only then does my heart feel complete

I always was scattered in all of my dreams
Looking for an answer to fate
Then when I found you, I knew you by heart
For my heart knew it had found it's true mate

So many nights I awoke with you in my dreams
I felt I was out of my mind...
But I knew it was you, and only you
The man that I just had to find...

And I can feel you when you are away.
I can hear you whispering in the wind
I feel your heart beating with mine
Oh, I know it's the sweetest sin!!!

You're an emotion, that won't ever die, my love
I know and remember your taste
When I close my eyes, I reach for you..
My pulse, always starting to race

I awoke this morning, dreaming of you..
For sometimes the nights are so long..
I love you and miss you with all of my heart
And Darling, you're not even gone..

Written by Susan Jane Kahon
November 21,2002

Susan's Poetry In
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