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"We read poetry because the poets, like ourselves, have been haunted by the inescapable tyranny of time and death; have suffered the pain of loss, and the more wearing, continuous pain of frustration and failure; and have had moods of unlooked-for release and peace. They have known and watched in themselves and others." -- Elizabeth Drew

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Welcome to Now and Forever, a web site dedicated to the publication and exhibition of poetry and prose of love and loss on the Internet. Of course, all forms of poetry, from dark to comedic, from whimsical to inspirational, are also accepted. People should not be afraid to share their feelings and emotions, and the thoughts behind them, and often times poetry can serve as a way to release the tensions of those inner struggles and/or put them into perspective. By expressing your sentiment with words, you also allow others to share in your experiences, to see the world through your eyes.

Due to spam programs that collect e-mail addresses on websites, there has been a minor alteration made to each poet's address, which is obvious when you look at it. So if you are going to contact a poet, make sure to correct this altercation (there are only two of them) when doing so. It's also likely that the e-mail addresses of older poetry submissions no longer work.

Note that while I do control and maintain this web site, the only person that owns the poetry on here is the respective author, and that all creative works put up on the Internet are immediately considered published.

Poetry is what the writer makes of it; poetry is what the reader makes of it. Make the most of it.

UPDATE: Due to a major decline in poetry submissions, 2004 was the last year I accepted poems to post online. The first few years were a lot of fun and by far feature the biggest volume of poetry of all shapes and sizes. However, the lack of new poems suggests this site has outlived its usefulness, maybe because these days everyone knows how to create their own website or run their own blog. Thanks to everyone who helped make Now and Forever possible. Though new poems won't be added, I hope the people that visit this site for the first time will continue to enjoy the poetry that's been posted on here throughout the past nine years, and find appreciation and inspiration in the words that every author here brought to life with their hearts and souls.



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