"There is one Body and one Spirit... there is one Lord, one faith
ne baptism,  and one God and Father of us all ..."  Eph. 4:4-6
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This is here -  where you will want to kick off  your shoes and stay a while. You will absolutely love it here! Porch by defintion is a covered platform, ususally having a separate  roof, and is at the entrance to a house. So by all means at some point we will all need to get off of the porch and into the house.
Patricia  - Marlanie
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No matter how many mountaintops we reach, itís only natural that there will always be valleys between them and the next mountaintop. We must always remember that no matter how  deep the valley or how dark the shadows may be - there will always be a path for the children of God. That path is illuminated by the glorious light of Jesus Christ His son. There  are two simple directives here - follow the  light, and stay on the path. Follow the light, and stay on the path." 
by: Tom DiFrancesca III
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