About Me
About Me
Greg?s short fiction has appeared in Midnight Graffiti, TOR's Christmas Magic anthology, and the High Fantastic anthology.

He?s been a finalist in the Writer's of the Future contest and listed seven times as honorable mention in St. Martin's Years Best Fantasy and Horror anthology (Five from his collection A Pound of Ezra: and Other Units of Gothic Measure, published by CyberPsychos AOD. His first completed novel, Anarchy Alley, is in search of an agent. Meanwhile, he diddles at two others: Second Creek Bridge (A rural Midwestern mainstream derived from my childhood), and Wearing the blueDog, a Dark City meets Bellona ?Techno-Gothic? derived from a dream that ended with a voice saying, ?And the name of the story is, ?Wearing the blue dog?.

A mental health professional for over two decades, he was never able to remember what happened at work long enough to incorporate any of it in his writing. Lucky for him (and not just career-wise) he now works in computer networking (see below).

He survived mid-life crisis by earning a Masters degree in Language and Communication, only to have reinforced the axiom that Liberal Arts degree (like a degree in psychology) have limited market value. He followed that up with a number of computer networking certifications, but then along came the Republicans.

As a child, he wanted to be a park ranger, lawyer and an astronaut. As a grown up he don't care to camp, has realized most lawyers are professional psychopaths, and has learned first hand that any measure of centrifugal force makes him vomit.

On the downside of a decade-long mid-life crisis, his only hope is to save enough money to retire before he expires.
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