Pohnpei and Kosrae Images plus SC 250 Botany Information

SC 250 Botany at the College of Micronesia-FSM

Botany SC 250 Fall 1999 overview
Pteridophyta (ferns) on Pohnpei
Coniferophyta on Pohnpei
Magnoliophyta on Pohnpei


COMFSM PreAlgebra Cognitive Approach: Subsets to Pascal
COMFSM Pascal's Triangle, Probabilities, and Fractions: From Pennies to Pigs
Excel Training Handout

Artery choking 24 bit color JPEGs of Pohnpei and Kosrae.


Pohnpei Culture Quest 1999 information 25 Jan 99
Pohnpei Culture Quest Poster 25 Jan 99
Pohnpei Hospital Field Fire
Kolonia, Pohnpei panoramas seen from Nett Point
Round Pohnpei Images
A house in Nantipw Dolokai Nett


Kosrae Campus COM-FSM

Kosrae Christmas marchers
COM-FSM Kosrae Campus 03 August 1998 Photos
Tofol and environs 04 August 1998
Kosrae Beach Scenes 06 August 1998 (106 second load at 28.8)
Tofol scenes from old radio station


Yore Name: A CA 106 HTML Sampler
Dolphin 066: An MS 101 Alg Trig laboratory and HTML example.
Test 3: An MS 101 Alg Trig test and HTML example.
Title III Imagery for Career Day at PICS 27 Mar 98
The Minds of Eternity
Ladera Institutional Effectiveness Conference
Mock Up Homepage
Charles Charley Tiwelital
Shinya Watanabe

For now, until I get this place organized, further information is at: Sakau en Pohnpei Nights Please forgive the potholes.

Further reading and listening:

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The Outer Edge of Paradise: America in Micronesia
The Children of Micronesia
Pohnpei, an Island Argosy
Place and Building Names of Kolonia Town: A Brief History

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