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        "...our older horses teach us wisdom and paitence..." 

       the 2000 Racing Team Line- Up

4th Tornado
1998 Gray Filly
NCh. Texas Tornado x Four More States
bred by Heather
- Nominated 2002 Older Mare EAC -

1998 Chestnut Filly
WCh. Knight Rider x A Touch Vain
bred by Snowcrest Ridge 

Retiring in 2003

      We are sad to announce the retirement of Holiday after the 2003 season. This wonderful mare has been a valuble asset to the MOF racing program, and we hope that she will be able to pass her greatness on to her offspring for many years to come.
She will be staying at Mystical Oasis Farms as a part of our broodmare program.

/\ Holiday is booked to BF Ferdinand for January of 2004.


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