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/\ Established: Fall, 1997
/\ Member of Wish Horse Since: November, 2001

/\ Location: Bodega Bay, California
/\ Owner: Ally Knight
/\ Specializing almost exclusively in Thoroughbred Racing & Breeding

/\ Acreage: 1500
/\ Number of Barns: 15
/\ Approximate Number of Horses: 180
/\ Approximate Number of Horses in Training: 100

/\ Number of TC/ITC/TT Wins: 2
[2002 Acorn S, B.G. Dyce, 2003 Acorn S All Rhythm No Blues]

/\ Number of Breeder's Cup Wins: 3
[2003 Juv. Fillies, Assassin, 2003 Juv. Filly Turf, Riptide, 2003 Turf, MF Point Given]

/\ Number of Eclipse Awards: 2
[2002 EAC for 3yo Filly to B.G. Dyce, 2002 EAC for 2yo Turf to Oregon Duck]

Step into the Oasis...

...Step out a winner

Sure, we say we're so great, but what exactly makes MOF so much better than everyone else? Well, one look at our yearly stats and some of the horses that have run under the silks of Mystical Oasis Farms is all it takes to find out.

Total Statistics:
- 1428 Runners
- 133 Winners - 9% Win
- 514 On The Board - 36% W/P/S
- Earnings: $9,153,840

Our 2001 Statistics:
- 9 Runners
- 2 Winners - 22% Win
- 6 On The Board - 67% W/P/S
- Earnings; $33,450

Our 2002 Statistics:
- 501 Runners
- 49 Winners - 10% Win
- 184 On The Board - 37% W/P/S
- Earnings: $1,827,390

Our 2003 Statistics:
- 926 Runners
- 75 Winners - 8% Win
- 324 On The Board 35% W/P/S
- Earnings: $7,293,000

Our 2003 2yo Statistics:
- 378 Runners
- 37 Winners - 10% Win
- 144 On The Board - 38% W/P/S
- Earnings: $2,128,000

- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2002 3yo Champion Filly B.G. Dyce
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2002 2yo Champion Turf Colt Oregon Duck
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2002 Acorn Stakes (GI) Winner, B.G. Dyce
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2003 Acorn Stakes (GI) Winner, All Rhythm No Blues
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2003 Juvenile Turf Crown Winner, Riptide
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2003 Breeder's Cup Juvenile Filly Winner, Assassin
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2003 Breeder's Cup Juvenile Filly Turf Winner, Riptide
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of 2003 Breeder's Cup Turf Winner, MF Point Given

- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of Riptide, the highest pointed and highest money earning 2yo in WH history, and the only horse in WH history to clinch a Crown series
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of B.G. Dyce, the only filly or mare to win *six* graded stakes in 2002, five of them GIs
- Owner/Breeder/Trainer of All Rhythm No Blues, the only filly to place in all three of the Triple Tiara races, a feat that went unmatched in the Triple Crown & International Triple Crown

In addition, we are also home to several other extremely talented stakes winners or stakes placers, such as:
- Incident At Belmont
- Hero In A Horseshoe
- The Street Laywer
- 4th Tornado
- The Mexican
- Assassin
- The Bourne Identity
- Fly's Du Love
- Modus Operandi
- Hip Hop Be Bop

And the list goes on and on... MOF's list of champions continues to grow day by day.

Though we're not renowned for selling our wonderful horses easily, the few that we are able to part with continue their greatness past MOF. Among the list of MOF graduates who have gone on to bigger and better things are:
- Riley In The Morning
- Blue Heron
- Calypso
- Furey And Allah
- Hoofloose N Running Free

In addition, several of our stallions top the WH Stallion List, including:
- Rhythmical
- Avada Kedevra
- Seattle Skyline
- BF Holy Bull
- Knight Rider

While the name, location, and horses may have changed over the years, one thing has not. Our goal is, and always has been: To forever change the look of the racing Thoroughbred, and look good while we do it.
Settling directly on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, on fifteen hundred acres of lush, rolling, green pastures is Mystical Oasis Farms--a farm that is fully dedicated to breeding, raising, and training the finest Thoroughbred racehorses in the country.
There's nothing more magical.. or even Mystical.. than seeing a homebred foal go out and run on the track, his hooves pounding into the dirt, his eyes lit with fire, his heart determined to win, as he sweeps across the finish line out in front.
So whether you're interested in breeding to magnificent stallion, or buying the next great champion, you've come to the right place.
Take a look around. It's bound to be the ride of your life...

Mystical Oasis Farms... Creating the champions of today... the legends of tomorrow.

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