Rick Ross "Cult Deprogramer" and the Tragedy of Waco Tx.
This site examines the roll that cult deprogramer Rick Ross played in the tragic events of Waco Texas.  It is a clearing house intended for those researching the events of Waco where 74  lives were lost including many children.  Information is gathered from availible sources on the world wide web and is not always endorsed by this site.  The site itself is protected speech under the U.S. Constitution.
In memory of  the innocent!
Ross and CAN studies
The Massacre of the branch Dividians by Carol Moore Examines the roll of CAN and Rick Ross  as advisers to the ATF and FBI, including the motives and methods employed.
REPORT TO THE JUSTICE AND TREASURY DEPARTMENTS by Nancy T. Ammerman Examines the failure of the ATF and FBI of using questionable sources of information provided by CAN and Rick Ross.
Waco, Federal Law Enforcement, and Scholars of Religion by Nancy T. Ammerman further examines ATF and FBI use of Rick Ross and CAN
Harley Schlanger, Executive Intelligence examines the deprogramming methods of CAN And Rick Ross in relationship to Waco as well as some history regarding both CAN And Rick Ross.
Waco: A Massacre and Its Aftermath by Dean M. Kelley Counselor on Religious Liberty for the National Council of Churches.  Mr. Kelly provides an excellent overview of Waco and mentions the influence of Rick Ross and CAn as well as references Nancy T. Ammerman's excellent studies on Waco.
Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas contains information regarding their use of "Experts".   Contradicts Rick Ross claim that he was contacted for consultation by the FBI and infact states that Ross without solicitation offered his advice.
Deprograming Methods and the Anti-Cult Frame of Mind
Cult Busters by Mind Springs examins the mentality of CAN and Rick Ross during Waco as well as some history of both CAN and Rick Ross. Also looks at their deprogramming methods.
Viewpoints by Freedom examins CAN and  Rick Ross in their unlawful kidnapping of Jason Scott
RICK ROSS - MODERN DAY INQUISITOR by CAN News Bulliten.   A Reorganized CAN  denounces their association with Rick Ross.
The Anti-Cult Movement by Religious Tolarence org.  Examines the Anti Cult mentality and methodes of deprogramming of such groups such as CAN and Rick Ross
WASHINGTON WEEKLY REVIEW April 28, 1997 mentions both the mentality of CAN And Rick Ross's involvement in Waco.  It especially reveals the mentality and ambition of Rick Ross as a spreader of negative information to the press during the stand off.
The Psycological connection
WACO: The Government's Failure to Understand Destructive Cults Transcript of Lecture at Harvard University Science Center February 27th 1994 Steven Hassan.  This transcript by cult specialist Steven Hasson of  Freedom of the Mind specifically denounces the methods of Rick Ross and CAN and states that "he has no love for Rick Ross".
Mind Control -- Junk Science and examiniation of mind control.  This site mentions both Rick Ross and Margaret Singer a psycologist whose method Ross follows.
Was Jesus a Cult Leader examines the Psycology of Cult deprogrammers such as Rick Ross from a Bible perspecitve
History of Rick Ross and CAN
News Release of Federal Jury's award in Rick Ross's kidnapping case of Jason Scott. 
Jury Awards $4.8 Million in Deprogramming Case by Christianity Today covers the Jason Scott case involving Rick Ross and CAN
US Deprogrammer On Kidnap Charge, by New Dawn examines the Jason Scott Case against Rick Ross
Old Leadership Self-Destructs by Freedom examines the fall of CAN and reorganization as well as Rick Ross and CANS roll in the Jason Scott case.
History of Rick Ross an expose'
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