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Sergeant John Basilone Chapter

POINTers In Person is an autonomous branch of POINT with approximately 25 chapters nationwide. Each chapter is formed by members in a particular geographic area for the purpose of social interaction and face-to-face discussion of Italian genealogy and related topics. Each chapter is independently organized and determines its own activities and schedule of events. All Italians researching their family tree are invited to attend the chapter meetings.

Although it is highly recommended, membership in POINT is not a pre-requisite to joining our group. As a member of POINT, you will receive a POINTers quarterly magazine containing articles about Italian research as well as personal accounts of other researchers' success.

In addition, your surnames of interest will be included
and surname matching is published in an
annual world-wide directory
of over 20,000 names.

The American GATHERING of Italian Genealogists
All those interested in their Italian Heritage are invited to attend

Our Purpose

Promote the study and preservation of Italian family history.

Offer those of Italian heritage an opportunity to meet in person and share information about Italian genealogical research.

Assist those searching their Italian ancestry by sharing Italian genealogical research experience.

For Activities and Meeting Schedules Write to Address or E-mail Below

Write P.O. Box 620776 - San Diego,CA 92162
or E-Mail leila4@cox.net

Current genealogy activites in San Diego
courtesy the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego at http://www.cgssd.org/

"The Italian National Anthem" Music and Lyrics

Members Surnames . . . .
Genealogical Tips

"Where those Italian surnames are from?" AT: www.gens.labo.net/it/cognomi

The History of the Italian Flag

"POINT (Pursuing Our Italian Names Together)" - also link to other chapters throughout the United States" at: www.point-pointers.net/home.html

"BEHIND THE NAME: "the etymology and history of first names"

- www.behindthename.com/nmc/ita.html