Thor's NEW Home Page
Thor's NEW Home Page
Horrors!  Thor's old Home page has vanished! It used to be  If you found us through browsing, and had an old link, we would greatly appreciate it if you update to our new page. 
We think it happened when Geocities changed formats and started using USERNAMES as part of the URL instead of the old sectioning.

Ah, well, more fun stuff to do, and easier to update!

Click on the bar below to enter our new site, and see what new photos and text we have added!  Please be patient as we are trying to get it back in order as  quickely as possible!

Also, you can visit other sites right here on Geocities that have information about
donkeys, mules, and the Poitou.

Thank you!!!
Thor with Leah and Myryha at the Fort Worth Stock Show, Jan 2001
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Name: Historique du WSF (aka Thor)
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American Donkey & Mule Society
Hee Haw Book Service
Poitou Donkeys
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This NEW page was created on 2-15-02.

Our old counter is lost.  If anyone remembers a count the last time they looked at the old Heartland/Ridge page, we'd love to know.  We think it was around 2800, but no way to ever find out again.     So.... you are visitor number......(see below) on our NEW SITE! 
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News Flash - 2-20-02 ---- Our local Channel 8, an ABC affiliate ( just came out and did a segment on ADMS/Leah and THOR!  He features pretty heavily in the footage shot.  We should be able to have an air copy of the tape at teh ADMS office.