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November, 3rd 2005
    Is not life good?  If you disagree, email me and tell me why.
     What do you think would be the possibility of a third party that would actually be successful for mainstream America.  I am not talking about those extremely left or right groups that sometimes are very idiotic, but one that would actually be a contender in the real world of politics.  I am not entirely happy with everything that both parties are doing right now.  I am sorely tempted to become independent because of both parties hypocrasies.
    If this offends anyone or you agree with this, then email me. Hee hee.  I would like to get emails.  And respond to said emails.  I want more on my counters as well.  Ummm...Nothing else right now.
    Anachronism is a really fun card game.  It is fun to play.  You should try it.
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Quote of the Week:
"Getting help is hard for us
      to do because it requires us
saying we can't do everything on our own."
         -Pastor Buzz
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Life is fragile, and sometimes it is hard knowing what to do next.
But I believe that God is here for us and will show us the way that we need to go.  Life is also hard, but hard is good.  It produces perserverence which then produces character.  There's a verse about that in Corinthians.  Paul is amazing.  The whole bible is amazing.  The things God can reveal to you while you read it are stupendous.  I thank the Lord that he is in my life and I no longer have to live under the flesh.  That is a hard battle to fight though, the one against the flesh.