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I am one of the few people that want to stop the ongoing war between Pokémon & Digimon. I'm PokéDigi. All this started at this place called the "PokémOnline Forum". Someone put up this topic stating that Digimon sucked. Then, before I know it, it turned into an all-out war between the 2 shows. I was getting pretty P.O.ed about this, so I decided to make this page for my commitment to end the war between the 2 cartoons by making the very1st PokéDigi Page! So, welcome!

11/7/2000~ Ay-yi-yi! I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. I haven't been able to get my computer after i moved toe New York. But now, I'm back!! But, sorry. I don't really have anything to add for the moment. But, finally, I got WB! =) So now, I can watch Pokemon. I'll updated the Digimon both 01 and 02 characters. Also, I'm looking for a staff for a few new sections on my page. Click on the link that says "Help Wanted" as you scroll down. Also, I added a Mailing List so you can know when and what I updated. And be sure to listen to the PokeDigi Hevean Radio Station! I got about an hours worth of music already on there, but I'm planning on having more. Plus, I added the two concluding parts to my Enter Pheonixmon fan-fics (If you haven't already read them at

Brock's back on Pokemon, yeah!!

BTW, did y'all check Digimon 02 yet? It was all that I expected... and more! And I still think that Sora is the cutest of all in 02! ^^

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