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Go to my, that's MY, Final Fantasy Website.  It is DA BOMB.  Anyways, click here to go to My FFPage!!!
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Hello, welcome to ForeverDibbyDib's Website! Since my other site was a pile of crap, I made this one! Hope you like it! ^_^
Hey, please check out my new Invader Zim site.  I know you'll love it!! C'mon!! Go there! Just do it! Do it! Do it! C'mon!
Yeah, yipee!  You found my little chunk of cyberspace!!  Congrats!!
Hola! Moochachos!
Hoot!!  Chalupas!!  TAQUITOS!! Homina!
Eet Mor Chikon!! Bok Bok Ba Gok!
Ummm.......No comment
Shake Shake Shake!! Shake your bootay!! UH HUH UH HUH
Party!!!  o_0
I love that picture!!!
Heh, me too o_O
Gotta luv 'da Dibby!!
That's me when I watch too much Zim!