Unown Mystery
Unown Mystery

In Crystal, one of the Legendary Beasts, Suicune is being hunted by the 
Unown. As you see in the opening scenes, the Unown are swarming around 
Suicune, and the answer to why they are hunting him lies in the Ruins. It 
has also been said that a mysterious figure has appeared there...
Each of the four puzzle rooms (meaning the ones with the sliding puzzles of 
Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Omanyte, and Ho-Ho) has a secret, in addition to the 
puzzles. Behind the display cases in each room, you must read the symbols on 
the wall. By doing this, and discovering the secret of the word written, one 
can open a secret passage to a room with four Item Balls and another room 
with a secret message about the Unown.

 The keyword for the first room is "LIGHT", so use "FLASH" in this room. 
The Item Balls in this room consist of:
· Top Left- Heal Powder
· Top Right- Energy Root
· Bottom Left- Gold Berry
· Bottom Right- Moon Stone
The following room with the secret message says "THUS WE SHALL ERECT A 

 The second room's keyword is "WATER", so have a Pokémon hold a Water Stone. 
The Item Balls in this room consist of:
· Top Left- Stardust
· Top Right- Star Piece
· Bottom Left- Mysteryberry
· Bottom Right- Mystic Water
The secret message here says "THEY POSSESS GREAT INSIGHT AND REFUSE THE 

 The keyword for the third room is "ESCAPE", This refers to "ESCAPE ROPE"
Use an ESCAPE ROPE, and upon re-entering the room, you'll notice the door 
The Item Balls are:
· Top Left- Heal Powder
· Top Right- Energy Powder
· Bottom Left- Berry
· Bottom Right- Psncureberry
And the secret message this time says, "OUR WORDS SHALL REMAIN HERE FOR THE 

 The fourth and final room has a keyword of "HO OH", This refers, obviously, 
to HO-OH, so place Ho-oh at the head of your party, and then the door will 
open. The Item Balls in this room are:
· Top Left- Revival Herb
· Top Right- Charcoal
· Bottom Left- Gold Berry
· Bottom Right- Mysteryberry
And the final Unown message states, "WE HUMANS MUST LEARN TO WALK IN HARMONY