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Me: Now Advance generation gang, say Hi to the newcomer!

Advance Generation: AHH! Ermm.. Hi!
Hello! I love May from the Advance Generation series! This site is dedicated to May/Haruka, Ash/Satoshi, her little brother, Masato, and the rest of the Advanced Generation Chars. THIS IS NOT A AAML SITE, I HATE MISTY!!!! [Touka/Petalburg ((The hometown of Haruka and her little brother Masato))  midi will play shortly!]
Haruka: Now listen up, 'cause  I RULE!
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Fan Art
Satoshi's Page
Masato's Page
Odakami/Birch's Page

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Haruka: Go, Archamo!
Haruka is a 10/12 year old girl who starts out wanting to travel the new Pokemon world Hoenn. She is really scared of Pokemon and things. Satoshi's Pikachu accidentely shocks her bike and she goes haywire, wanting to get Pikachu back, so she joins Satoshi, and getting a Torchic from Professor Birch/Okadami in the process! She is a pretty bad trainer at the start, but she does get better, and gets a Wrumple later. She wants it to be a Beautifly so she can win Pokemon contests! She does get better too later. ~~NOTE: Haruka DOES replace Misty, and dont e-mail me saying you hate Haruka 'cause Misty isnt there for the Advance Genoration series!!~~