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UPDATE August 2008

Polar Ted's been Googled!

You can see Polar Ted's all new updated pages at PolarTed.googlepages.com

As an additional bonus all his photos are now stored on Google Picasa: Click here to view or download them.

Polar Ted in Ibiza

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Polar Ted on His World Tour 2001

Tour Page
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Returning to Edinburgh

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Christmas 2003
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Polar Ted Flies to Amsterdam
The Original Polar Ted Page
Watching the Relatives on TV
Watching the Sunset in Edinburgh

Polar Ted at the former Eros/Elite in Edinburgh

July 2001
August 2001 - Juicy Opening Party
September 2001 - World Tour Start
October 2001 - World Tour End

Polar Ted's e-mail address is polar_ted@yahoo.co.uk